Could you use a little fun in the workplace? Do you want to develop skills to better assist your team in everyday task? Would you believe us if we said we can combine those two goals? Are you tired of rhetorical questions?

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Cracked Escape Rooms provide some of the highest quality rooms in the industry, with new tech to shake things up!


We can do a private booking for your team at almost any time that works best for you!


This exciting immersive experience is a sure way to build rapport, and demonstrate many valuable skills that will help ensure SUCCESS in the workplace (even if you don't escape)!


For your small business or corporate team building activities and team building exercises in St Charles contact us to see what we can do for you!

Encourages Cooperation

Our escape room contains puzzles that different personalities will excel at, however no single personality will excel at them all! Several objectives will take communication among team mates to accomplish!